2012: The Year of The Rapture

Hey Everyone,

So we had a nice little break for the holidays.  Gave us some time to rest and recoup and reflect on 2011.  It was a good year.  We put out a new album and we played a lot of shows around the world (62 I think).  It was pretty awesome.  

But now it’s 2012 and we’ve got a lot more good stuff coming.   Starting off with a bunch of awesome remixes of Sail Away by Cut Copy, Aeroplane and The Cosmic Kids.

 We also had a remix contest for How Deep is Your Love? which we got a ton of entries for.  We were really overwhelmed by the amount of great remixes.  We will be making a special announcement of the winner soon.

Also we’re going to be touring a bunch more around the world and hopefully coming to a city/town near you.  We’re kicking off 2012 by playing a bunch of shows in Latin America which we’re totally psyched about.  You can check out all of our tour dates for 2012 so far at our tour dates section of our facebook page here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rapture/133896639724?sk=app_169552653106003

Looking forward to 2012 and hopefully see you soon.

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